Do you want your business cards to be more effective? Do you want to provide a way for customers to learn about multiple businesses at once? Beebe’s Ads business card display boards are exactly what you need.

Our boards are placed at various business locations and hold cards from up to 40 advertisers at a single time. We offer a variety of affordable packages. Our displays are checked, maintained, and refilled bi-weekly. Owner and operator Ken Beebe will personally maintain the appearance of your business cards at all times.

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Why should you host a Beebe's Ad business card display?

A: Hosting a display allows small businesses to offer their services or products at a discounted rate for your customers.
A: You can get free advertising in our display's at various other locations.
A: The displays are stylish, cutter-free, and economical.

Q: Why advertise in a Beebe's Ad business card display?

A: 90% of people lose a business card given to them within 24 hours of its acceptance. Let your customers choose you. Let us do the maintenance and let your cards work for you!

About Beebe's Ads

Give your business the competitive edge it needs

Diamond Springs, CA

cAdvertising with our company optimizes your ability to network in the Diamond Springs area. Potential customers will be able to view your business cards with ease. Plus, you don’t waste cards anymore.

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